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Article VI – Energy and Ecology, Technology and Weaponry

Article VI – Energy and Ecology, Technology and Weaponry

6.A. – Nuclear Energy Forbidden.

No use of nuclear energy is permitted for any reason by any city, township, or region or continent, nor by the global agencies, and certainly not by any association, though should so-called “cold fusion” which does not generate radiation be made practical whether this rule applies may be determined at the time according to the scientific facts and the judgment of citizens worldwide after an informed debate and discussion. 

6.B. – Renewable Energy as a Material Basis for City and Township Political Self-Government and Ecological Sustainability

Every city and township will be expected to act as quickly as possible to shift to renewable energy sources, forms of transport, heating and cooling and hot water etc. that are renewable and to end use of fossil fuels. Upon its founding as a self-governing city, a first action should be to make an audit of the possible renewable energy sources (solar, wind, water etc.) available within the city or township’s territory, and then to establish, in cooperation with the educational institutions, research organizations, scientific and technological associations, and relevant cooperatives existing or which it finds it convenient or necessary to create the necessary resources – institutes, cooperatives etc. to develop to their fullest these resources, to manage the full transition (solar panels, windmills, solar roadways, light rail run by such sources, electric buses and cars and so on) to these resources.

Each city should, within a short time of a few years at most, be expected to be near 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy, nearly self-sufficient or the medium term and fully self-sufficient short term for its own food needs and health care needs, linked by light rail, solar roadways and electric vehicles to other nearby cities, linked by universal wi fi to the rest of the world, and self-governed by citizen assemblies, as well as producing its own currency and providing it to all of its citizens and cooperatives.

6.C. – Technology transfers, extraordinary grants of Universal currency and obligatory year abroad by college graduates as methods for universalizing the most advanced renewable and sustainable methods of energy production and conservation, transport, production, consumption, agriculture and housing:

As made clear above in several articles, as an initial process, those cities with a surplus of access to renewable energy technologies such as solar power or advanced windmills etc. or advanced and sustainable transport such as high speed solar powered trains and solar roadways are expected to make these available in any way possible, without imposition of forced labor conditions on their own citizens, to the poorer areas of their own region, continent, and the world. This process will be eased by the previously described extraordinary grants of universal currency to be spent on purchasing these technologies, and gaining access to the skilled use of them where needed, and by the requirement that college graduates spend a year in the opposite hemisphere to provide needed knowledge and training and to learn from the people they live with and work with there.

6.D. No hoarding of weaponry, all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction strictly banned

The same applies to the most advanced but inexpensively produced and where possible non-lethal weaponry for collective self-defense.  All nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction are banned, and the existing ones dismantled by the authorities in the cities, townships and regions where they exist. Thus no city can be blackmailed by threats of superior weaponry or force. All new weaponry that is designed (and it is hoped that within a short time no new weaponry would be developed as it would not be needed or desired and would serve no purpose) must immediately be made available on the Internet and its successors and so made universally accessible.

Any city or township or region found to be monopolizing technology or armaments will be subject to all of the boycott provisions described above for other violations and if necessary for the safety of other cities and townships and their citizens will be considered in a state of war with all other cities, townships and regions as an aggressor. Any individual, group or association, including those opting out that are found to be in such violation are subject to the same procedures as apply under conditions of enslavement or aggression as needed.

A Civilization of Self-governed Cities and Townships can only exist if the material conditions for such cities and their sustainability are available 

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