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Article 2.C - Restriction of Large Businesses, Prevention of Capitalism Developing in the Interstices

2.C. – Restriction of Large Businesses, Prevention of Capitalism Developing in the Interstices

Under no circumstances may any cooperative or other enterprise operate, be registered or engage in activity in another city or township, or in more than one city or township, except where requested to provide emergency aid. Nor may any enterprise of any kind composed of, founded by or operated by or with the work of opted-out individuals operate, be registered or engage in activity in any city or township.

No monetary unit or currency originating in or used in the opted out territories, communities or among the individuals consisting therein may circulate or be used for any purpose in cities or townships, and only the Universal currency may be used for any exchange between cities and townships, or their citizens and cooperatives and enterprises and any individuals, enterprises or communities and organizations that are opted out or that operate in opted out territories.

While cooperatives and other organizations and enterprises, as well as cities, townships, and associations may all act – as determined by the collective decision of their citizens or members – as a unit for purposes of carrying out their activities, and while these activities may include in some townships or cities that choose to allow this some representation, delegation or other voice in political or economic affairs of said city or township or the region of which they are a part, such recognition of corporate or collective existence shall never be understood, construed or asserted to be synonymous with the duties, powers, obligations, rights of and obligations of others to individual living human beings nor even of animals and other living things. This recognition of existence sui generis as a unit or collective is the recognition by cities and townships of the cooperative nature of the activity of the individual persons making up such units, and does not mean that these may use their advantages as collectives to outvote, out-finance, out-organize or in any other way to unduly and disproportionately influence decision making, administration or political and economic life in the cities, townships or regions.

The Business Corporation as a private interest is hereby abolished as are private financial institutions. 

Should any of the activities or practices or institutions described in this article be discovered to exist in any city, township, region, or in or among any opted out community or individuals or organizations, or among any associations be they professional, religious, ethnic or tribal, scientific, artistic or of any other nature, these individuals or organizations shall be subject to a universal boycott of their work, products, services, travel, individuals (who will thus be denied the possibility of citizenship until such practices desist) or currency. 

2.D. Prohibition of Debt and Credit
No city, township, citizen of either, nor any  region, association, organization or opted out community, individual or organization may engage in the use of debt, nor expect collection or restitution of debt by others. All payments shall be made upon rendering of goods or services, or within no more than 30 days thereof, and since currency both local and universal shall be made available in sufficient quantities to guarantee the comfortable livelihood of all, this requirement shall not be onerous. Anyone or any organization or city, township, region, or other person or organization found to be engaging in the use of debt for any reason either as debtor (individual or collective) or creditor (either individual or collective) shall be subject to the penalties described for the practice of slavery and related activities. 

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